Wednesday, March 07, 2007

History Repeats Itself

In light of the John Paulus confession and in light of the fact that he mentioned that the webam escapade was really a conversation between Clay and some women, someone figured it was time to bring out the proof that there was NO webcam escapade. It didn't happen, folks, with anyone. Here is a dose of history (with some additions) for those who want a refresher and for those who never saw ..... THE BIG BUST!


Anonymous said...

IF we ever find out who started this mess, I would really like to know why Clay Aiken is so threatening to anyone!

It seems to be too childish that fans of other idols would go to the lengths seen here and elswhere to ruin a person.

Why Clay Aiken? The answer to that question REALLY needs to be answered.

Oh Crap said...

Anon, that is a question I hope we find the answer to someday. I've had a few theories and sometimes either of those or the little blips that dart across my mind seem so far fetched but then so did most of the past years events.

Theory 1: JP was a stalker with stars in his eyes for the most beautiful man on the planet and would never be satisfied until he was noticed even if it meant tearing up his innocent victim's reputation just to be able to breathe the same air in a Court of all costs to himself. He just happened to fall into Groucho's and Emach's lap after they were caught teaming up and plotting back in July or August 2005 for "something big" to take Clay down.

Theory 2: Emach and Groucho and/or possibly others teamed up to run the scam and found JP a viable front man... this is what Paulus is claiming.

Theory 3: The Clive/RCA Conspiracy. This one seems more and more possible to me everyday and I don't think it's so much about the "Rotting insides" remark but more about Clay refusing to compromise his own standards. We've all seen Clay "edgy" in concert (HAVE MERCY) but he's not going to let himself be known for or be seen on TV displaying crass behavior, drunk and brawling, a heartless womanizer. He WANTS to be the best person he can be and I don't think he wants to be perfect, just a decent human being. Because the music industry is so warped in thinking that "good" behavior doesn't sell, THEY had to dirty him up and teach him a lesson at the same time. "Compromise as we say, even if you lose yourself completely. OR ELSE."

What I keep coming up with, though, in my mind is that it's an RCA hit... Clive to Roger to Goldman and OC slime, filtered down from there to the subslime of Gay activists/gossip mongers who are very adept at character assassination.

The thing in all this is that Clay is the stronger so this is one time that good wins over evil. Clay didn't have to do a thing; he let them all self destruct with our help. He didn't need to get into this thing...he had us.

This sounds more like material for a new blog instead of a comment.

Oh Crap said...

Actually, it sounds like the Goddamned Twilight Zone and Outer Limits combined.

Anonymous said...

My version of history-

2003 An embittered hardcore group of R u b e n fans hatch a plan for revenge and an attempt to clear the way for their Idol. Being the homophobes that they are, they decided the best way to make Clay appear ridiculous was to make him appear to be gay. They got busy setting up accounts that could look like Clay on various gay male social sites.
At some point they looked for a real person in Raleigh to try to stage a series of documentable emails. This is when they found Mr. JP. Quite a friendship they struck up too, convincing JP that Mr. CA was an unworthy person and that he'd be doing the world a favor. They fed his ego, stroked his insanity, and promised him an intro to a famous name in the porn world, Mr. ML. You see, one of our haters knows how to contact people in the entertainment and journalism field. Mr ML's headquarters are conviently located in Manhattan. Working in tandem with a gossip blogger, also conveniently located, the plan was well under way.

Meanwhile, letter writing campaigns to descredit Mr. CA in any way possible continued.

In life, like seems to find like and the internet is no different. Some of the most depraved, confused and bitter were attracted to the online event known as "the mess"

Let's not get confused. There may have been some cling ons along the way, but the ones behind this fraud were the very ones that were discovered talking about some of their activities on their boards and giggled and smirked about all their manhunt activities. I guess they didn't think we were watching them just because we were not confronting them.

nzclaynz said...

You know, they say that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction - that is definitely true here.

I'm still not sure about RCA - but I have to admit - I'm more inclined to believe it now after learning a few things from y'all about the nasty little connections.

The haters definitely set the ball rolling with their manhunt accounts and impersonating Clay all over the internet.

And I do believe that while JP has 'embellished' his story (it is what he's good at after all), that the seeds of the real truth lie in amongst the manure.

No - Clay didn't need to do anything. He knows that we KNOW what the real truth is. He's standing still and letting the Lord fight for him.

Anonymous said...

****Do not publish****

I am the other admin. from the blog you've been talking about. It's laughable that you can even compare us to Tinny's! Both of us admins. are fans, as are most of the people there. We are just a blog that allows open discussion, discussion that's not allowed on most of the boards! We do not delete fans comments.. a few were deleted yesterday, because they referred to WSCA and conspiracy theories. I also find that funny because how many comments do you not publish because they don't fall in line with your way of thinking? We only delete the ones that we think may cause trouble. And rest assured, I am a fan.. in fact, I use to post right alongside you on a board! So please, leave our little corner of the internet alone.

Thanks! :)

Oh Crap said...

Oops! My bad?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:27......How can you be a fan and have an agenda that causes harm to Clay?

Oh Crap said...

You are fans alright but not of Clay. I gave the first person the courtesy of not having her comment published but as I watched and you started deleting any comment from Clay's actual fans that offered proof of the TRUTH, you deleted them. Why is that? It wasn't because it would cause trouble unless you think that the TRUTH is trouble for your little game.

Your bluff has been called.

Anonymous said...

I believe RCA's part in this was that they did nothing to help Clay. They may have hoped to benefit somehow in the climate of the publicity as leverage in dealing with Clay. Somehow I feel like all is well now.

nzclaynz said...

OhCrap - you did good my friend. I have not been to that blog, but have read the comments and hear from others who say certain comments get deleted.

To those that run that blog - Don't make the mistake that JP and others have of assuming that we're stupid. You may be fans, but your definition of "fan" is different to ours. It's clear that your agenda is not a "neutral" one. We've been fed bullshit long enough to know it's stink from a mile away...

If you really ARE fans of Clay Aiken - then you'll do the right thing by pulling your blog. But you won't. After all - it's all about "having your say"; no matter who it hurts - right?

Anonymous said...

I think RCA was behind the scam and JP is using the haters as scapegoats. It would be difficult to prove the haters were behind it, but the fingerpointing would go in their direction; therefore, the real culprits go free. Unless a crime was committed and the lawyers want to go after someone. I doubt that would happen as it appears to be another day at the office.

Of course, I think PaulASS should be outed as a total fraud, and a few of the haters should be humiliated for their role in this.

Anonymous said...

If RCA was out to get Clay...why wouldn't they just drop him like a hot potato like they did with Justin Guarini??
I don't understand how RCA works and why CLay gets no radio play or if RCA has anything to do with that...But, RCA wants to make money. THey make money off Clay. Even with no radio play. If they have to do a payola to play CLay...they really don't need to. He makes RCA money without the payola.
I can't imagine them backstabbing him...would they??? I dunno. Biting one of the fingers that feeds them???

nzclaynz said...

anon 1.09 - I'm not entirely convinced of any RCA 'plot'. But I have to admit that some of what I've heard about certain people that work there, makes me wonder just a little. It wouldn't be hard to convince me.

They wouldn't just dump Clay - because they know that other companies would snap him up before they could say "goodbye Clay". They'd have to devalue him first. And IMO - Clive's 'mandate' of ATDW has hurt Clay's popularity.

Just a theory like any other - but I'm still inclined to believe that certain people at RCA dislike Clay intensely...

Anonymous said...

I understand your point, 1:09PM, but if RCA was so interested in protecting Clay's interests, they would have supported Clay and ATDW and shredded JP's credibility. Especially since it was all a lie. Their actions (or lack of them) speak for themselves.

There's a conflict of interest between the label and the franchise. The franchise dictates terms to a certain extent, and seeks to fill whatever box needs filling in the Idol stable. Pop/rock was designated for Daughtry. Clay's own album was deep-sixed in favor of covers, as that was the box designated for Clay. Why else would a superstar be relegated to niche artist status? Plus, he wouldn't outsell the Chosen Ones and Daughtry, despite not winning, was a Chosen One.

IF Clay is leaving after this CD, that would give the label the added incentive to devalue him before sending him off to the competition if they could not agree to terms in contract renegotiations.

crew said...

Hm...very interesting theories. I could also be easily convinced.

That was me, "crew", at 1:09, btw. It wouldn't let me put in my username.

Oh Crap said...

Crew, Blogger has been whacky since I upgraded. Some people never learn that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Trying to improve a product sometimes screws it up totally.

TheTruthExposed said...

The people that are the "helpers" in this crap were used as much as any one else. I'm not sure if they realize that Percodan aka Midol or whatever drug they are going by now realize once they helped BB they broke the law.

And for the life of me, the man just said he made it all of it up and the former helpers now do not believe his recanting story.

Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Oh well, interesting how many make get convicted for life because I am quite sure federal and state laws were broken in this charade aka

Oh Crap said...

Impersonating someone on the internet is definitely against the law: Welcome to Tent City, PH, JP, Bina and Groucho. Looking forward to being sized for your disigner orange jumpsuits? They're Sheriff Joe Originals.

Anonymous said...

Hey OC,
Have you and the few claymates still here figured out yet that you are as full of it as your screenname suggests?

Oh Crap said...

Hey, dumbass! You might find out that I'm smarter than you think. There are blogs popping up all over the place. Rolling stones gather no moss.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 8:35....No, but we figured out a long time ago that you are not full of it.....that would be actual working brain cells.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 8:35PM:

Aren't you supposed to be out on the gold course helping OJ find the real killers of Ron and Nicole?

While your on your way, stop at the Piggly Wiggly and pick up a few critical thinking skills. There seems to be a shortage of them over at C411.

Anonymous said...

Why is our old friend Adam emailing JP and wishing him well on his blog? Why would anyone want to make peace with that scum after the damage he has done?

I don't get it, seems like a slap in the face to me.

Oh Crap said...

Adam has been very ill so I have my doubts that he emailed JP for anything. Besides that looks like an ancient post copied from a long time ago.

Oh Crap said...

Wow! Deja Vu

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I just thought Adam did a good thing for Clay and the Claymates in the past. I just felt a little betrayed at the moment.

No problem. Everyone has a reason for what they do, right or wrong.

I peronally will never forgive John Paulus.

Anonymous said...

Adam was never a big Clay fan. He said so himself. Not sure what Adam might or might not do, but I think Adam was enjoying himself for a while, harassing jp but when things got too intense, Adam pulled out. Would he wish jp well? He might.

Oh Crap said...

In defense of Adam: It's true that he made it clear that he was not a Claydawg or involved in the fandom but he was close enough to others who are and he was close enough to insiders to know that the MESS was lies. When the call went out for his help, he obliged lending his crazy personality to parody the ridiculous posts at the swamp. Unfortunately he and Carrie were dragged in deeper than they wanted to be, suffering threats and being made the subject of more lies themselves.

I did visit Adam's new site and found that he was addressing his name being mentioned at the swamp. Whether he was sincere in wishing JP well or not, I don't care because that is his choice and chances are there was a little sarcasm hidden in there. Again, it doesn't matter.

I let the bugger go after his confession and would prefer to stay focused on the asswipes who won't give it up even though they are caught with their pants down. Each time they formulate a new attempt we'll just give them a tighter wedgy. Pretty soon they will choke on their lies...and their wedgies.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your explaination and input. I appreciate it

Anonymous said...

I just want to kick all the haters collective a$$e$. I am past the point of forgiveness. I want the 'pay back' to begin now. My mom always use to tell me that 'Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord'. However, I figured He wouldn't mind waiting his turn.

Anonymous said...

Don't those jackasses realize that the two torsos belong to two different men? Check out the chest hairs. One's a blond and one's a brunette. Both a lot heavier than Clay.

Do these morons realize that the Wyndham Hotel drapes can be found on the internet? That the torso shot connected to that story was taken in a motel room? Check out the short drapes behind that beer belly. Those sure don't look like Wyndham drapes to me.

BTW, Clay didn't stay at the Wyndham in Boston. Just in case anyone cares.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't all this bullcrap settled LAST year?

These idiots are like flies on
s--t, just buzzing around the same old moldy mound.

And they say WE are obsessed!!

Oh Crap said...

All of last year's crap was voided with the proof of the photoshops and phony IMs. All the rehashing they could do won't change the fact that it didn't happen. That's why someone posted the proof AGAIN!

So now we have a new AI scandal involving Mario Vasquez that's almost as absurd as the Paula/Cory and Clay scandals. Antonella's was a blip on the radar of WHO CARES? Whomever thought this latest one up needs to check himself/herself into the Rick Campbell Tower for the Insane.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of the assholes, I could puke........on them. LOL!!!!! or spit, whichever came first.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Vasquez, but he is not on my radar. Clay is, and this stupid shi...stuff just gives the gossips an haters an excuse to bring his name up. I guess I will need to be cool.

Anonymous said...

This one looks like a real lawsuit brought against AI/Freemantal and naming Vasques as one of the defendants.

Access Hollywood has a copy of the court papers.


Anonymous said...

I know someone may have thought about this but has anyone considered in turning the tables on the haters of Clay and publish their names and profiles at Manhunt or other sites?

I figure what is good for the goose is good for the gander!

Let them feel the heat for a change!

Art said...

This was posted by SUE on the 411 Site. I removed the cussing words, BUT what she says really nails them to the wall. I'm going to save this for future use. It's is too good to forget. I hope you agree with me. WOW, she really got it right!

Upon visiting this blog a few times and others like it, I have come to the following conclusions. Hate blogs suck! In them, they rant about people or things that upset them. Who cares what these people think about people in the entertainment industry? Nobody! Who reads these blogs? Nobody who matters! Maybe fellow blog authors read each others blogs out of a sense of desperation...the feeling that if they read someone else's blog, someone will read theirs. How pathetic is that?

What could motivate someone to keep a public journal of their feelings toward someone they don’t like and don’t even know? What possible reasons would someone have? Are some legitimately insightful or original, of course! Are most? No, definitely not!! So why do it? Most blog authors either think they have something important to say, or believe that they have an audience that cares what they think.

Ten reasons HATERS blog as I see them:
1. They suffer from a personal attention deficit, need to attract or crave attention.
2. They have become recently socially disabled and crave the contact of other human beings.
3. They are social outcasts who have never received quality human attention and want to reach an unknown audience who they think will actually listen to their thoughts and care about their opinions.
4. They rant about controversial topics and take the side most likely to produce the largest public outcry from their readers and don't care if it's bad or good. They just need someone to pay you attention. They are like kids who behave badly in school until it gets them noticed.
5. These people honestly believe they have “listeners” who care about what they rant about and believe their opinions matter in the grand scheme of things. They act like that “one-person-can-make-a-difference” applies to them personally. The truth is nobody cares what they rant about…unless it can hurt someone.
6. They fixate on everything and nothing and the NEED to talk about it. They are severely agitated personalities who hunger constantly to express all the myriad thoughts in their head, but often have no one to listen to them.
7. They are like the “Town Crier” who wants the world to know that what they rant about is the most important thing in the world at this moment and because if they in their warped mind believe it is true, then everyone should know it’s true.
8. They have a feeling of ZERO self-worth with a need to reach the void of validation in their life. In real life, they probably do the same thing to everyone they meet. They’re depressed, sad and lonely…basically losers who need a reality check.
9. They are never satisfied with talking about their own stupid moronic opinions, they always have to post someone else’s moronic opinions or link to their moronic sites to feed their insatiable need to beg the universe for attention.
10. They enjoy arguing about the stupidest, most minute details of whatever subject they are ranting about at the time. These people are utterly without lives and write blogs as a way to pass the horrible lonely waking hours between work and sleep.

What can be plainly seen is that most blog authors need something to push them back into the real world from the self-centered and delusional world they have created for themselves.

Now to address this particular blog. I feel the need to have my voice heard, whether you choose to delete this post or not is entirely up to you.

You have indicated many times that it is NOT a HATE blog for Clay Aiken and that you only continue to post because you find him obnoxious, a liar, a fraud or whatever else it is that he has done to make you loathe him and continually harass him. It is important that everyone be aware that these are just your views, nothing else and they are obviously not substantiated with any evidence whatsoever. What you consider evidence, as by your continual posting of so called facts, are none other than spins on stories that have surfaced over the years and continue to surface. You see black; I see white, kind of spins.

A better way to spend your blogging time might be to center your focus on subjects like Scott Peterson, who IS the scum of the earth. This will at least enlighten your readers as to what a world we live in today. Then maybe the world will listen!

Right now you probably feel the need to fire off some email insulting me...because you think that I insulted you directly. Before you do that, please realize that it has become very clear that the only people who will be insulted by this post are the ones who see themselves in one or more of the categories described above.

Oh Crap said...

Thanks, Art.

It's a shame some of us are blogging in hopes that others will see the truth when we'd really like to be planning how many concerts we can make with the schedule we have so far.

It's a shame that those seeking the kind of attention "Sue" mentions can't seek professional "listeners".

It's a shame when Clay or anyone isn't another person's cup of tea so the tea has to be laced with poison and with lies before they present it to someone else.

It's a shame when most Idol fans just want to enjoy their favorites but are continuously swatting the same flies on the same shit.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I pay any attention at all to this group of haters and their blogs is that they crossed the line from voicing their opinions to physically interfering with a life and a career. That I can't ignore and if in some small way I can make a difference in the consequences of their hateful actions, I will.

Anonymous said...

Sue's post was very good and right on target I think. I think Clay attracts these type of "haters" because he does have a very devoted group of fans, thus giving them the attention they so crave.

Oh Crap said...

Very few people in the fandom paid ANY attention to the usual band of haters coming from 2 other Idol fanbases. Maybe 4 or 5 people were onto the things they were doing and only after someone stepped up to the plate and gave them up. The rest was discovery little by little as to what was going on behind the scenes that we were oblivious to. Now that the culprits and their tricks are exposed and they crossed over into criminal territory, you damned straight they'll receive some attention. The ultimate attention they may receive down the pike may not be to their liking.