Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Ass by Any Other Name!

Of course, we're all aware of the current universal financial crunch caused by people handling OUR money. People have lost their retirement nest eggs via the corruption of money-grubbing corporate executives, investment execs lined select intracompany pockets under the guise of "bonuses" and the government says that my generation may not be able to collect Social Security because the pockets we've been paying into have a little bit of change left along with a lot of lint. Our retirement benefits have dried up and the best excuse the government can come up with is that people are living longer and there is nothing left for the "Baby Boomers" (guilty as charged). Say whaaaat?

It's supposed to go like this: we pay out the ass to IRS and we pay an almost equal amount for FICA....which means, based on our income, the government gets 30% or more of our sweat and blood during our employed life. Each generation pays into the Social Security pool which provides benefits for the previous generation. Hey! I have 2 sons paying a shitload into FICA so don't tell me my benefits won't exist when it comes time for me to sit on previously mentioned tired ass.

Well now! The revelation has begun. We're being enlightened. Our benefits are in jeopardy because...

1. Teachers and other public servants are being screwed over while our elected public officials give themselves hefty raises and hefty retirement plans. Their benefits are coming from OUR money

2. Insurance companies are screwing their customers by gouging and/or defrauding the medical field which drives up the cost of health care which drives up the cost of insurance. After all the gouging it still wasn't enough for insurance companies to continue in the lifestyle they are accustomed to so the government gives them OUR money. AIG needed it so they could party.

3. Auto manufacturers only toyed, half seriously, with fuel alternatives so now they are falling on their once plump asses. That's called fucking yourself in the ass. They may need a government bailout which comes from OUR money. Here's a clue: when the government refuses to tap into our country's own fuel supplies make a damned vehicle we can drive by farting, if necessary. Our tired asses have already been exposed so we're good.

4. Oil companies like Exxon and Chevron made whopping record breaking profits in 2008. These profits were made by screwing us.

Note to government: When it comes time to bail out the auto industry, try screwing Exxon's ass instead of mine, mmmmmkay?

5. WHAT THE FUCK?! Banks have been screwing us for years in the form of "creative" charges and now they are running out of money? Note to Banks: You're running out of money because people now cash their payroll checks at WalMart for $3.00 to avoid the "creative" holds you're putting on checks (even local ones) so you can play with your customers' money for a few days (making bad investments)....and collect more "creative" overdraft charges. The only customers you have left are companies in deep shit and check cashing companies. I quit letting you screw ME directly but the government found a way to give you more of MY money anyway.

6. Wall Street screwed everybody so the government bails it out with OUR money. Wall Street borrowed OUR money to pay their employee bonuses. Were the bonuses given as rewards for screwing US and duping the government? The new President punishes the assholes with harsh words (no disrespect intended). I dub this a triple cluster fuck.

So now I know why the age to collect 100% of my Social Security benefits has been raised. After bending us over at every turn, the government is banking on us dying soon from Hypothermia of the Ass.

Well, here's a crack (snort) for those handling my money. Will you please take your damned hands out of my pockets when you neither asked me for help nor let me have a vote. Chances are we'd all contribute a fair share in order to beat this crisis but you're giving OUR money to the same assholes who got us to this point. Cork their crevices permanently and replace the idiots with hardworking people who have lost their jobs.

Sometimes harsh words aren't enough and I need my money for the next Clay Aiken Tour and/or CD. Clay Aiken is the best way I know to warm my heart .....and my cold, tired ass.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"Everyday is a Winding Road"

My name is Sherry and these are my feelings; I own them!

It's been a while since I blogged but I chalk that up to being extremely busy in my work and in my real life for many months, not to the many twists and turns on the track under the Claytrain.

Let's get this straight first: "Oh Crap" is Sherry and nobody else and especially not one of the most innocent of fans who bore the brunt of accusations for being the mouth behind the keyboard.

Continuing forward: I have a lot to say and so little time. Over the years I have heard many Clay Aiken fans say that it's never easy being a Clay fan but, personally, I think it really is. This man possesses an incomparable talent, many talents actually. He's a natural comedian, he can act and he is a singer extraordinaire. The voice and the smile captured my heart years ago at the onset of AI-2 and the Clay love exploded from there in baby steps. There was the gleam in that sea of green eyes which expressed his absolute joy in singing, then a glimpse into a soul who was so accepting of everyone in spite of the painful rejections he experienced throughout his short lifetime.

So what else has exposure to Clay Aiken done for me personally? What have I learned from his goodness? Refer back to "so much to say and so little time". Acceptance of those who are, in some way, different from me or mine? Never a problem for me! TOLERANCE has always been my biggest issue especially when it involves the kind of pathological cruelty I've witnessed the last 2+ years. I lack tolerance for cruelty and I own that.

So, Self, what underlying issues are you getting at? Let's start with the subject of .... ta daaaa.... Gay Folk. Did I ever have an issue with that prior to the attack on Clay Aiken? I answer with a bonifide, "HELL NO!" The friends I have who happen to be Gay have only EVER shown me their zest for life, their flare for beauty and their desire to love and be loved in return. A former boss and good friend is Gay and, like Clay, he is gorgeous right down to the caps on his teeth. Being my boss and my friend, I met many other "Gay Folk"... like the couple who bought a house via the old FHA 203K whereby you buy a relic in a target neighborhood and fix it up. As this couple were getting ready to have the final escrow money released to do the finishing touches before moving in they brought in photos of the before and after of this immense Victorian house. These men created something so beautiful that I teared up and then I realized that there was so much beauty in themselves that they brought their personal canvas to life.

I didn't know, until recently, that there could be such an ugly side. I didn't know that there are people who would go out of their way to promote division and hatred, not only toward themselves but toward the entire Gay Community. Why is that? Is it residual hatred for oneself? I was falling victim to that division thinking I would never again be able to trust a Gay friend, never again be able to "TOLERATE" them because of the cruelty I'd seen, never again be able to expect the truth from them because of the lies being told about the fandom. We're not all "right wing", we're not all fanatical Christians who see things as our way and the wrong way. The Clay Nation is a mixture of right, left, gay, straight, multiple religious beliefs and those who aren't religious in any way. Those in the fandom who have no religion believe in the system of "Do No Harm" which is as honorable as those of us who TRY to turn the other cheek. The bond for this melting pot of beliefs has always been Clay Aiken.

Okay, so where and what is the conclusion to this diatribe? Here goes! I've had many months to think about it but until the last couple of days I haven't concentrated on it. I have a new granddaughter diagnosed with the genetic disorder called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. She's cute as a button and only shows the characteristic of the unibrow which can easily be plucked when she gets older. This is a new strain all her own and, luckily, not as severe. This syndrome is not something that is inherited; it's a mutation of a gene during the gestation period. Neither I nor my son have ever asked, "Why me? Why us? Why Sophia Isabella?" We just love her and that's all that's required. If my son ever asks me why this happened to him or why his daughter my answer would be this: I have always taught you how important it is to be color blind, to see uniqueness not differences. Who better to be blessed and entrusted with the well being of a little one who needs a little extra than the most gentle giant of a man that you are. God or fate chose the right father. He could only be YOU.

So, in conclusion, how is this relative to Clay Aiken? There was a brief moment where I asked God and friends at Chexxxy's Place (I'm not an openly, overzealous religious being but everyone needs a kick from above now and then) for a sign, some sort of proof, some inkling of hope that would take away the animosity and restore my faith in those who are Gay. Clay Aiken was the answer God gave me. Like my son, who better?

Monday, June 02, 2008

A New Dawn

Out of respect for Clay Aiken and the fandom, this blog will be launching itself in a new direction now instead of later, away from attention seekers who mean nothing to me, nothing to Clay and nothing to the fandom. There are some things that are just not important to me anymore as you may have noted from 4 months of NOT blogging. There is no magic wand to change bad people into good so I'll just delight in knowing that the bad will devour their young and themselves when starved.

I'm not sure if the blog name will change or if another name would be more appropriate. There are far more serious matters in this world and it's no longer my desire to focus on people who will eventually self-destruct. I can, however, follow a brave man's lead and make a difference by concentrating on matters that really count.

Thank you, Clay Aiken, for being who you are and not who others say you are and thank you to a fellow fan and friend for giving me that extra push to make the changes now that I wanted to make in the future with my blog. There are issues more worthy of people who care. I've wasted enough time trying to take out the garbage. I'm just not that into garbage anymore.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In Honor of the "...Things You Didn't Know about Idol" Special

Today I was watching a special about the things we didn't know about Idol. One of the Brits "plugged" the site "Vote for the Worst" but not in a complimentary way. The significant parting comments centered around the fact that Idol has so many voters that the insignificant number of votes prompted by "Vote for the Worst" doesn't amount to a hill of beans because he (the Brit who shall be nameless) said that the right person would win and he would see to it. Of course, Clay's fans know all about the lengths the AI machine will go to in order to accomplish the outcome they want.

For an interesting read about how dirty the AI machine is go here:

AI7 - The Truth About the Contestants

Sunday, January 13, 2008

While I'm Still Working on My 4.5 Years In Review

I couldn't resist the mental midget's remarks on his blog and here they are with my comments below each point:

"I really enjoy how the Claymates want to believe that I was "stood up" by someone pretending to be Clay. Let's see;"

(Well, you did originally say that Clay Aiken was 5'8" and had "beautiful brown eyes").

1. I passed a lie detector administered by a polygrapher with 20 years experience and whose clients include the attorney generals office of NC.

1. You said it was Alan Butterfield who came to you. A swamp creature who was
on a private board I was on said you and Butterfield are REALLY friends. I
doubt the lie detector test ever existed.

2. Clay Aiken never denied the story.

2. He didn't have to. Nobody really believes you.

3. RCA, whose sales suffered as a result of the scandal, never sued.

3. Their sales suffer because Clive is a thug who limits the number of CDs
of artists who stand up for themselves. The non-shipments, shorted
shipments, belated releases at some stores and refusals to restock major
stores are documented at the Clayboard and Clackhouse.

4. I had Clay's IP address from his emails in Charlotte, Nashville, and Florida where he was performing and with date and times of those emails.

4. If that's true (BWAH) did you remember to thank Roger or Terry Goldman?

5. Clay Aiken has since never denied he was gay.

5. Bullshit! There's a video of him denying this numerous times and he
refuses to let a liar he's never met put him in a defensive position.

6. Clay Aiken has never had a girlfriend.

6. Bullshit! His family and friends who REALLY know him say differently.
Fans who have run into Clay's former girlfriends also say differently.
One former girlfriend, when asked to describe what he's like said that
he was "passionate" and "romantic" and asked a fan not to ask for details.
Another said he's a great "soul kisser". The "passionate" and "romantic"
comment can be found in the archives at The FoRT and the time frame is the
day that Clay and Amanda picked the best signs from the lawn of a radio
station. I believe it was one of the winners who had the conversation with
the former GIRLFRIEND out on the lawn.

7. Nearly ALL of Clay's friends are gay males.

7. You have no idea who his friends are because you don't know him.

8. There have been 4 separate webcam incidents involving Clay Aiken.

8. I guess you mean the ones you and your buddies created using the Thom
York photo, the one Terry Goldman created or had created with Groucho's
eyes photoshopped in, the one that a fan created along with a whacked out
story which was passed to you and you passed to Piggez. The one we
had a great laugh over when Piggez posted it on his blog.

9. Others have discussed hooking up and having sex with Clay.

9. You mean the guys randomly picked from Woodle's souvenir programs
of cast and crew members of various NY plays? Do your IMDB search, FOOL!
You'll find her name with theirs listed on productions. Does
The Johnny Show ring her bell? The only people were ones you and your ilk
lied about and one of the guys called you out when he discovered what you
did. He wasn't too happy with you, was he?

John Paulus | Homepage | 01.12.08 - 9:06 pm | # "

PS: You've been caught in every lie and you just got caught in a few more. All in a day's work.

Answers by me.

Monday, December 31, 2007


I was planning a different type of blog for the New Year; however, it will be posted later this week. There are some things that are too important not to be given the proper recognition.

Over the Holidays The Clay Nation raised over $55,000 for BAF through Wrapping for Inclusion (WFI) and as the last few minutes tick away on the West Coast we welcome in the New Year knowing we raised approximately $110,000 for the urgent needs of areas in Mexico which were ravaged by flooding. This is the type of action that Clay Aiken inspires and I am so proud to be his fan.

As we watched the thermometer rise on the UNICEF donation charts at various message boards throughout the last week our swamp sloggers dawned their hip boots to wade through the mire of the swamps so others can stay informed as to what the Clarkson and Studdard camp is planning next in the way of a scam to send to the tabloids.

While we have been celebrating the influence of goodness, kindness and the generosity of our fellow human beings the swamp has tried to convince their readers that helping others is evil; one minute they say that a celebrity donating his own money is evil and a few minutes later the same celebrity is evil because they are sure he doesn't donate. Goes to show you that swamp rats keep running around inside their little wheels because they have no direction, no inspiration, and no positive influences in their lives that they can recognize let alone the power to remember what lie they told 5 minutes ago.

May God Bless Clay and his fandom and may God give the big middle finger to those who spin their lies about him and us in their Shit-Mouth Marathon. It must suck to be that miserable with themselves. I would suggest stepping away from their mirrors.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Confirming a Player in the MESS

It's the day after Christmas and I hope All is Well with Clay and the entire family in Clayland. I hope the coming year will be filled with lots of Clay, lots of love and, most of all, lots of truth. I wish for some deluded fans to snap back to reality and expose more players. Swamp rats need not comment as I wish you the wrath of God; insert fake Clays and fake girlfriends.

Sooooo speaking of exposing players in the MESS I've been wanting to link one bastard in particular since the beginning. Someone clicked on and shared an old link:

and my wish was granted.

Here is a quote from the MySpace account:


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Clay Aikin (The Gaykin) will be joining the cast of Broadway's Spamalot Jan 18. Did anyone really doubt this boy would eventually cave in and do Broadway? I mean what else is really going on for him? The show needs a boost and so does Gaykin so its a win-win situation. I'm sure the Claymates will enjoy seeing him portray Sir Robin or what is typically referred to as "the gay knight". Oh yes, he'll only be "acting" gay.

Viral Marketing at it's worst and from none other than the account rep at Electric Artists who handles some RCA Idol stars including Clay Aiken. A couple of years ago this bunghole hemorrhoid, Terry Goldman, posted a photoshopped webcam of Clay as a joke for his friends on MySpace, at least he said it was a joke but the fans didn't really buy it. Most of us believed it was just another strategic step into the abyss of the smear campaign. Just as quickly as he posted the phony he took it down but the desired damage was already done. In trying to cover his corrupt gay mafia ass, Goldman waxed irate at JP for calling him a coward when the fake photo was removed. Goldman told JP to leave him out of the MESS and I was thinking No Fucking Way is this guy NOT involved!

Discuss if you wish!

Oh! Terry, Robin in Spamalot is the goofy but STRAIGHT knight. You're not very honest in your job, are you?